3D Printing

Today was an exciting day because I was introduced to an entirely new technology called 3D printing. For a little while before now, I have been hearing about 3D printing but today I came face to face with it.

I was able to learn what it can be used for, the technology behind it and different types of 3d printing machines.

I felt that Johannes introduction to 3D printing was a maters piece and excellent.

The lecture was divided into 3 parts basic on how 3D printing works.

I got to understand that one need to understand this following steps in order to get a strong base on 3D printing.

1. Modeling

2. Slicing

3. Printing

The focus today was on the first part which is the modeling. I learnt about different softwares that can be used for 3D modeling but the focus on this course was

2. Sketchup

I have never work with any 3D software before and it was a bit of a challenge to me. The hands on practical was great because I had to import already made model from online websites and try to manipulate it.

Thereafter, I try using sketchup to build my own model from the ground up which did not go so well because of my limited knowledge of the software.

Beside modeling, Johannes took us through the area of 3d printing material. I learnt about Acrolonitrile butadiene styrene and polyactide acid.

Understanding the difference between these printing materials and when to use each was one part I did struggled to understand. May be as time goes on I will get to learn more and have a better understanding of these materials.

I was also opportune to learn from Johannes who pre-built model can be slice and send to printing.

Although the main discussion about slicing and printing will be covered in next coming lecture.

The questions that kept bubbling in my head is the cost implication for 3d modeling after getting to know that some models can take days to print.

What of the commercial implication and if the business of 3d printing can scale when you have to deal on large volumes of products.


Author: Henry

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