Arduino Mouse and Potentiometer

Learning how to using different input devices with arduino micro was a challenging experience and a good way to broaden my knowledge of arduino since this is the first time I am programming with arduino.

This workshop was basically for us to explore, create and design innovative way to use external devices or input to control computer mouse movement.

We explore some of the creative and innovative artifacts and products other designers have build.

The most scintillating part is seeing different way light and shadow have been used to create wonderful designs with the help of arduino.

I got to released how power arduino is and the unlimited possibilities to afford designers.

I choose to experience with control pad and a nob which uses a potentiometer under the hood to control the movement of the mouse.

This practical showed me how easy it is to read external data from external input devices to arduino.

I think I love about this project is that it helped me to understand how to calculate resistor value based on it band color and why we use resistors in electric circuit.

Although we have a limited time but I started thinking of so many thing one can do with arduino and different other input sensors

At the end of the workshop, I was able to design and prototype the system shown in the image below.

I still feel that I have some much to learn about arduino and basic electrons. I also think that it is important for the user to take a crash course on basic electronic and circuit in order to really understand how to wire circuit and what each electrical component does and when and why we need it.


Author: Henry

I am a software developer. I love to help students