Arduino Navigation Panel

On the lecture and lab section on building a navigation panel using arduino, I was keen on building upon my limited knowledge of arduino and keep expanding it through learning and hands on practicals.

After a brief intro on what we needed to build, we were given the opportunity to explore connecting arduino to any javascript music library choice or the option to use arduino with scratch programming.

Since javascript is rooted and the core programming language I will use throughout my interaction design program, I decided with my team members to work with javascript music library.

Among the javascript music library we researched about, we decided to go with tone.js. The tone.js is a simple and small javascript library you can use to play tones.

The idea for the project is to build a music piano that will be play with legs. The control panel with be on a floor. One disadvantage of using leg to play a piano is that you will require more space we the control panel will be placed. With leg piano, it is not only about the music now but also a way to exercise while playing piano.

We build a simple piano interface with different button tone in html, css and javascript. The tone.js javascript library was link to the html file. The image below is how the interface looked like.

The second part of the project is to write arduino code that will connect the arduino with the web application.

This was achieved with the help of some inbuilt arduino method with Keyboard.pressed() and Keyboard.release().

Finally, we prototype the control with the help of a cardboard sheet and some copper lead which was wired to the arduino board.

I face some difficult with my arduino because I had an infinite problem that was as a result my previous that takeover the mouse function.

I was able to fix it with help from David.

This was the finally workshop I did with arduino in this course. With the previous workshops I felt like I have had a strong introduction to arduino and I look forward to learn more in other future courses


Author: Henry

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