Arduino Programming Introduction

This was an introductory section on arduino as part of the physical prototyping course. I learned about the history of arduino and how far it has gone since it was first created.

I also saw how powerful arduino is when it come to rapid prototyping, innovative and creative design in physical computing.

Arduino board was introduced with its programming Integrated development environment (IDE).

I also get to learn about other programming language like Processing you can also use to programm arduino.

All in all, the whole concept of arduino is still very vague to me. I hope I will experience it first class and learn more about it when we start with the workshop.

I am looking forward on how arduino micro can be used as an input device to control computer and other external devices

At this point, I have not yet understood the difference between arduino and raspberry pi which is also popular like arduino.

Some of the question in my mind is the limit one can go with arduino? Like is it just for prototyping or can it be used in a production already products.


Author: Henry

I am a software developer. I love to help students