Design Lab for Paper Prototyping

Prototyping with paper was explore today during the lecture. Paper prototyping has numerous advantages ranging from being cheap, easily accessible, rapid iteration, for learning purpose and team building.

I really agreed with the concept of paper prototyping especially where the core concern is fast and cost.

Already, there are some situations were paper prototyping is out of the question like when the strength of the material matters in the final product.

I was quite confused to understand the difference between paper prototyping, sketching, storyboard and how they are tired together.

We practice sketching and emphasized the importance of sketching and also why we need to draw everyday in other to improve our drawing skills which will enable us to pour down our thoughts in a communicative way through sketching.

We we given the task / challenge to connect two people’s individual smart phones with each other to enable information and media sharing.

This concept will be represent through sketches. We are given the liberty to explore 5 different ways we can solve this task.

By engaging and finding ways to solve a design problem it helps us to become better designers.

After the task, the design from each group was critic and through this process we learn and grow as designers.


Author: Henry

I am a software developer. I love to help students