Experience Prototyping Lecture

The user experience lecture was very brief with corresponding prototyping assignment which was in group. In my group, we will given the take to prototyping a smart earbud that was different features and functionalities.

The main focus of the task is to prototype different earboard that will work well when a user is engaged in any form of social interaction. Beside social interaction, user can be able to wear this device in their ear while on motion.

It was a fun and challenging project and I was struct at the beginning on how rotation gesture can be used to control a device while on motion or during social engage.

The choice of material for the prototyping is very important to the final product.

Within my group, we decided to try different designs and after then we will test each prototype to see the extend it has solved our focus problem.

I used form core to make a design after I have sketched it out and the final outcome is shown on the image below.

After each group finished with their prototyping, we have the opportunity to look at each change in a user perspective and analyze what is good and what need to be improved.

At the end it was a great exercise and amazing experience.


Author: Henry

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