Self Research and Thought About 3D Printing

Yesterday, I was introduced to 3d printing and it was very exciting in the beginning because I have been looking forward to learning about 3d printing.

But after the first lecture yesterday, I kept wondering if it is something I will love to do in future but the questions that come to mind is economic and commercial side of it.

For study purposes it works great and you can use it to prototype rapidly and test out ideas but outside the research and development environment I wanted to know if it is a viable career choice one can consider.

I start researching online and reading about the future of 3d printing and what some professionals in the field of 3d printing thinks about it in the future.

On a personal note, I will said after reading through different blog post and I was kind of disappointed based on the following reasons I found out.

1. Both 3d printing hobbyist and core professional believe that it is hard to scale any 3d printing business.

2. Most experience 3d printing professional only make a small amount of money from models they sale online.

3. Another option is conducting training to people that are new to 3d printing but then it is not also in high demand.

I finally have this feeling that it will be great for learning and using it in prototyping but not what I might consider as a career choice or specialization.


Author: Henry

I am a software developer. I love to help students