What is Prototyping

The lecture today on what is prototyping dissect prototyping in a way you can easily have a better understand of what prototype is, when it is needed and its role in the entire design process.

Although it is not considered as a core part of design process but through history it has proven that it has a place in design.

The important fact I learned from the lecture is “What defines a prototype is not its form, but how a designer puts it to work within the design process”.

In my own understanding, prototyping can be used in different situation by different designers.

It is also important to learn that the core characteristics of a prototype is tenuous, material and experienceable.

When it comes to when to use prototyping, it was a bit challenging to understand. I do feel it is still not clear. Prototyping can appear or be used in different stages of design process.

I think when it comes to material, I can relate to this aspect of prototyping base on my project in first course on design methodology.

We tested different materials before we were able to choose the most suitable material for our course project.

I think there is a lot of things to learn from this lecture. Although it is hard to assimilate everything but hopefully it will make more sense as the course progresses.


Author: Henry

I am a software developer. I love to help students