How fresh university students in Nigeria can save money from their monthly data plan

When I taught of writing this money saving tips for fresh university students in Nigeria, I was wondering if anybody would read it but on a second taught I realized my own personal experience on how I ran out of money several times during my fresh year in university.

One thing that I have noticed is that most people don’t not really understand that when you enroll in any Nigerian University and you don’t have so much money with you, you will see yourself struggling with your finances or even go broke.

There are many unforeseen expenses that go with university admission registration and the worst you can do is to spend as much as or more than what you previously spent on your monthly data plan.

It will always be tempting because you are making new and exciting friends from school, your Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp friend lists are increasing. The more time you spend chatting and calling the more data plan you might be paying for.

Take time and see how you can maintain or basically cut down your data plan every month and channel the little saving that comes out of it to other important issues in your study that requires urgent financial attention.

Cutting down or maintaining your monthly data plan cost is not the only way you can save money while studying in any Nigerian university. You can search our money saving tips to find out more options that may be available to you.

I will like to hear how much you are spending in a month. Do you think it is too much for you or not? Kindly share your experience with us.